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ISLAND KNITWEAR - Established since 1990

I confidently offer five of my most popular 100% pure cotton, hand knitted designer garments for sale.

More garments to be added.

As a woman I am very aware of my own shape. As we mature, we look for something to wear that is both unique and comfortable, but still has a modern twist to it.

I have realised that the Swing shape is popular, and so I have tried to create garments that softly flatter, which I hope will appeal to all ages.

'Swing Jumper and Swing Tulip Cardigan'

Swing Tulip Cardigan - Island Knitwear

Island Knitwear - Swing Tulip Cardigan in Olive Green

Swing Jumper: Please look at this jumper in Ecru, as worn by Jacki (top of page) and also the Red and Purple Swing Jumper hanging on the exhbition stand behind her.

Tulip Cardigan Sleeve: The sleeve length stated includes the lace edging. Three Tulips are placed on the lower back of this garment, which compliment the two shown on the front

Small/Medium (40/42 inches)
Medium/Large (42/44 inches)
Large/Extra large (44/46 inches)

Length : 26-28 inches
Sleeve : 18.5 inches

Small/Medium @ 60.00
Medium/Large @ 65.00
Large/Extra Large @ 70.00

'Swing Lace Jumper'

Lace Jumper - Island Knitwear

Small/Medium (38/40 inches)
Medium/Large (42/44 inches)
Large/Extra large (44/46 inches)

Length : 27 inches
Sleeve : 19 inches

Small/Medium @ 55.00
Medium/Large @ 60.00
Large/Extra Large @ 65.00

'Vintage Fitted Cardigan' and 'Scallop Edge Cardigan'

'Scallop Edge Cardigan' - Island Knitwear

Island Knitwear - Nicola  in her 'Vintage Fitted Cardigan' with Gavin, shown wearing their Civvies

'Scallop Edge Cardigan'

Nicola in her 'Vintage Fitted Cardigan' with Gavin, shown wearing their Civilian Clothing.
Vintage Cardigan : Please look at this cardigan (top of page) in Grey hanging on the rhs of the exhbition stand, behind Jacki.

Small/Medium (40/42 inches)
Medium/Large (42/44 inches)
Large/Extra large (44/46 inches)

Length : 22-24 inches
Sleeve : 18.5 inches (including scallop edge)

Small/Medium @ 50.00
Medium/Large @ 55.00
Large/Extra Large @ 60.00

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White, Ecru, Beige, Wine Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Blue, Brown, Olive, Yellow, Purple, Dark blue, Silver, and Black.
(Colour samples can be sent if required).


All buttons used on the finished garments are Agoya and Abalone shell, or Metal with a Celtic twist, metal flowers, Vintage black and Celtic Brass.


Simply wash your garment in a string bag (or pillowcase) at 40 degrees and dry flat.

As all my knitwear is hand knitted, I am able to offer the above Cardigan and Jumpers made specifically to your individual requirement for colour and size if you wish. So please feel free to enquire if you want a garment wider, longer or shorter in the body.

Please do bear in mind when you order, that due to my knitwear being hand knitted a slight variation in tension may happen occasionally (ie a 1" or 2.5 cm difference in either direction may occur).


Once your garment is ordered and paid for, it will be delivered within 3/4 working days

All garments sent via Royal Mail signed for delivery @ 3.85 first class post.
Free delivery on purchases over 100.00.


Within 14 days unworn please in the same packaging by the same Royal Mail signed for delivery system.


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